Apply for an HMO licence

You need a licence from us if you rent a property to tenants as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), which:

  • has at least 5 tenants living there, forming more than 1 household
  • has shared facilities between tenants such as a toilet, bathroom or kitchen

A licence is valid for five years and must be renewed before it runs out.


There are two fees to pay.

Fee on application

This covers the cost of administration and inspection. This payment is based on the number of rooms being let and should be made with the application.

  • New licence application (valid for five years): £185 per a unit
  • Renewal of an existing licence application (valid for five years): £125 per a unit

Fee on grant of licence

This covers the cost of the overall management of the HMO licence. This payment is payable just before the licence is granted and applied to both new applications and renewals.

Licencing fee: £75 per a unit

Payment can be made by debit card (refer to application form for how to arrange) or by cheque included with your application form by post.

Once a HMO licence is granted, a refund will only be given in exceptional circumstances at our discretion, as the fees are calculated to cover our costs, which may have already been incurred.

How to apply for a licence

Downnload HMO licence application form 

Complete and return by email or post to Housing Enforcement.

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