Educating your child at home

Advice from independent organisations

You may find it helpful to contact the following independent organisations to gain further, more detailed information about the implications of educating your child at home.

Education Otherwise is a UK-based membership organisation that  provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children.
Education Otherwise
125 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 2DU
Tel: 08445 867 541

Home Education Advisory Service is a national home education charity based in the United Kingdom.  It is dedicated to the provision of advice and practical support for families who wish to educate their children at home in preference to sending them to school.  Interest in home education is increasing and HEAS recognises that reliable information should be available for everyone.
Home Education Advisory Service,
PO Box 98, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 6AN
Tel: 01707 371 854    Website:

Information on home education can also be found on the Parents Advice Centre website.

Curriculum online gives access to thousands of resources and online activities relevant to Key Stage 1 and 2, Special Needs and Early Years.

The National Curriculum tests and assessment arrangements are developed and administered by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).  Information to support these arrangements is provided both electronically and in hard copy through the QCA's website their address is QCA, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA.  Telephone 020 7509 5555.

You may also be interested in looking at GCSE qualifications on the Directgov website.  This site provides information about qualifications for schools and colleges.

Parents can also find other links on the BBC websites.  The addresses are and

There is careers advice for all children and young people aged 13-19 living in England, and its services and responsibilities cover children and young people who are being educated at home.

At a future meeting with you we will be able to draw your attention to a range of other useful websites which support home education.

Free Range Education
Resources, links, information, legal help, and an email support service called Ask Fred.
'Free Range Education - How Home Education Works', edited by Terri Dowty.  (ISBN 1 903458 07 2.  Hawthorn Press, 2000).  A collection of first hand accounts of different families' practice, plus many resources and a legal section.  A copy is available at the central library.
The GCSE exam board with most opportunities for private candidates.