Education for children and young people with medical needs

When children and young people are unable to attend school due to medical reasons, a teacher/learning mentor can work with them at home, at the Home Tuition base or other suitable venues, or in hospital.  In exceptional circumstances support can also be provided for children who have been excluded or who have a statement of special educational needs and are awaiting appropriate placement.

Who can get support

Pupils of all ages and key stages are eligible for support from this service if they are resident in Bromley and:

  • have medical advice saying they are unfit to attend school, and one of the plans listed below;
  • have a consultant’s letter requesting support from the Home and Hospital Service as part of a medical care plan that is also part of a:

              1.  Pastoral Support Plan
              2.  Personal Education Plan
              3.  Reintegration Plan

  • are awaiting appropriate provision of education in mainstream or in special needs schools or alternative provision.


  • Children at Princess Royal University Hospital can receive support from a qualified teacher either in the hospital classroom or at their bedside.
  • Children identified as eligible for support outside of school can be taught at home, in a library or educational centre.
  • Liaison with schools is maintained where a child is on roll so that continuity of learning is maintained.

Next Steps

Referral to the Home Tuition Co-ordinator is through the Lead Behaviour Professional of the school where the child is on roll or through the Special Needs Section's Operational Manager.  For more information contact the Pastoral Manager, Behaviour Service. 

Early years SEN advisory team

Tel: 020 8315 4718


Inclusion support advisory team

Address: The Phoenix Children’s Resource Centre, 40 Masons Hill, Bromley, BR2 9JG