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Parenting courses

The parenting courses look to build confidence and positive parenting styles for parents and children.  The courses are based on practical techniques and look to improve relationships across the whole family.  

We run six main parenting courses, usually within Children and Family Centres but are occasionally available at other locations.  The courses are usually free and are available at different locations throughout the year.  If you complete the course you will receive a certificate.

Courses available

Webster Stratton Incredible Years (10 Weeks, 2 hour session, parents/carers of children 3 - 6)

Encouraging families to increase positive communication with their children. Develops nurturing parenting skills and positive discipline methods through a range of strategies including: special time, praise, and limit setting. The benefit for the children is for them to understand and manage their emotions, therefore improving their behaviour.

Positive Parenting Skills (10 Weeks, 2 hour session, parents/carers of children 3 - 12)

Promotes positive parenting strategies e.g. the use of praise, rewards, setting effective boundaries, awareness of role modelling and effective use of communication within families. Explores parenting styles and promotes the building of self-esteem and support networks for parents and children. Positive Parenting Skills helps to reduce aggressive and challenging behaviour in children. 

The Nurturing Programme (10 Weeks, 2 hour session, parents/carers of children & young people aged 0-16

The programme improves relationships; using many positive discipline strategies and relationship skills to support the family environment. It also improves emotional health and wellbeing by inviting parents/carers to consider their own needs and develops self-confidence and self esteem, both crucial ingredients for effective parenting. The programme builds on pre-existing parenting skills.

Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (13 Weeks, 3 hour session, parents/carers of children/young people aged 5 - 18)

Helps parents gain the courage and commitment needed to develop positive parenting skills. The course supports the protective factors associated with 'good parenting' e.g. developing close and warm relationships between parents and children, supporting self-discipline and fostering self-esteem of children, developing strategies to manage anger. The session addresses sensitive social issues including domestic violence, substance misuse, and depression.

New Forest Parenting Programme (ADHD specific) (6 Weeks, 2 hour session, parents/carers of children aged 3 - 11

For children who are displaying some of the symptoms associated with having ADHD, or already have a diagnosis of ADHD. The programme explores what ADHD is and supports you and your child in managing the behaviours through proactive parenting, communication, and mother/father ? child relationships.

Pregnant to Parent (10 Weeks, 2 hour Session, parents to be/parents of babies under 6 months

Promotes a positive attitude to parenting babies during their first six months. Increases parental knowledge about babies development and the importance of positive early relationships as a foundation for the growth of successful relationships in later life. The course also increases awareness of essential health and safety and the environment’s impact on a baby under one year. It emphasises the importance of providing a secure environment for babies and the role that parents play in this.

How to apply

Although these courses are available to everyone, we will need to assess your level of need so that we can prioritise those people who most need the support.  You can self refer onto these courses using the online referral form or alternatively download a copy of the referral form, but we would advise contacting us first so that you can find out  what courses are coming up. 

Once we have received your referral we will contact you to make sure you are placed on the course that best suits your needs.  You may be placed on a waiting list for a course.  If this happens, we will contact you as soon as a place on the course becomes available.

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