Request parking enforcement

Vehicles parked on footways, verges, yellow lines, school restrictions, in front of dropped kerbs etc., can cause obstruction, congestion, inconvenience and even danger to pedestrians and other road users.

If you are concerned about a parked vehicle, you can contact us to request enforcement.   We can then arrange for a Civil Enforcement Officer on duty nearby to visit the location and if appropriate, issue a Penalty Charge Notice. 

The quickest and easiest way to request parking enforcement is to use the parking enforcement online form which is submitted directly to our parking contractor who will be able to take action immediately.

If you do not have internet access or cannot complete an online form you can call our contact centre on 0300 303 8662 (option 5) and we will complete the request form on your behalf.

Outside of normal office hours, call 020 8301 6317 and we may be able to assist. 

We are unable to enforce parking contraventions on red routes; this is the responsibility of Transport for London.

Inconsiderate parking across or near dropped kerbs or driveways is a common occurrence which can prevent vehicular access for residents and businesses and cause difficulties for pedestrians crossing the road. The following options are available for residents whose driveways are regularly obstructed.

What action can be taken?

Individual obstructions 

As a Local Authority, we can issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to a vehicle parked in front of a shared or pedestrian dropped kerb. A shared dropped kerb is one that is used by two or more residents or business users to enter/exit a driveway.  A pedestrian dropped kerb is a section of kerb which has been lowered to make crossing the road easier for pedestrians, wheelchair users, etc.

We can also issue a PCN to any vehicle parked in front of a dropped kerb outside a residential property, if we receive an individual request from the resident.  Details of the parked vehicle are required when the request is made and we can then arrange for a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) on duty nearby to visit the location and issue a PCN if appropriate. To arrange a CEO visit, please request parking enforcement.

We do not have the power to remove a vehicle which is causing obstruction on the road or to contact the owner directly only the Metropolitan Police have this power and can be contacted by dialling the non-emergency number 101.

Registering your dropped kerb

If the dropped kerb/driveway outside your property is regularly obstructed by parked vehicles, you can register your address giving your authorisation for routine parking enforcement.  This will enable our officers to visit your address regularly and issue penalties to any vehicles parked there.  It should be noted that enforcement will include all vehicles parked across the dropped kerb/driveway at the registered address, even those owned by the resident and/or their visitors. 

To register your dropped kerb, please complete the registration of dropped kerb form.

Road markings 

White bar access markings on the highway across a dropped kerb or driveway are advisory and act as a deterrent against obstructive parking.

Although these markings are not enforceable, they have proved reasonably successful in preventing inconsiderate parking by clearly marking the area where access is required.

Applying for white bar markings 

We decide whether a white bar marking can be installed using the following criteria

  • Consideration will only be given to installing a marking where the turning of vehicles in or out of a driveway is a regular problem.  
  • Consideration will not be given to installing a marking where waiting restrictions (yellow lines) are already present or where other carriageway markings would conflict. 
  • If the access or driveway is shared with a neighbour, it will be necessary to obtain their agreement to having a white bar marking across both driveways.  In these circumstances, the neighbour will also be required to pay the application fee and should therefore be consulted in advance of applying for such a marking. 

The fee for an application/residence is £50.00. 

An engineer will visit the site and a decision will be made on whether a white bar marking can be installed - not all applications are successful.  This process takes around 4-6 weeks and the work of installing the marking is weather dependant.


If your circumstances meet the criteria and you wish to apply, please complete the  white bar marking request form.

Yellow lines

These can only be installed at locations where they will be of greatest benefit to road safety, for example at busy junctions, blind bends or where there is a concern that parking is a having a detrimental impact on road safety.  They cannot be installed to protect individual driveways or to prevent parking on the opposite side of the road.