Industrial pollution

Environmental permits

We issue a permit that contains a number of conditions the purpose of which is to control the way in which the process operates and set emission standards or pollution levels. We inspect these processes routinely and more often where we suspect problems may be happening. Breaching the conditions we set will lead to enforcement action and can lead to prosecution.

Installations covered under Part A of the regulations require controls to ensure the protection of the environment from emissions to air, land and water (including discharges to sewer) and any other activities which may have an environmental impact. The Environment Agency is responsible for controlling A1 installations, local authorities for A2 and B installations.

Next steps

For operators of Part A1 installations you must apply direct to the Environment Agency.

For Part A2 and Part B processes you can apply direct to us, except waste operations carried out at Part B installations which are regulated by the Environment Agency


The fee you will pay depends on the information you supply in your application. Guidance on how to calculate the fee is given in the form.

Guidance notes


If you require a list of businesses with permits please contact us.

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