Shortlands Friendly Village scheme

Artwork Shortlands railway bridge

The vision of the Shortlands Friendly Village scheme is to make a number of improvements across the village area which will improve public spaces in and near Shortlands and pedestrian crossings, walking, cycling links plus access to public transport and schools.

Consultation and timescales

A series of public engagement and consultation sessions have already taken place.

Following on from the engagement and co-design workshops, all the comments are being brought together, with traffic survey data also being used, leading to feasibility designs coming forward for further comments and consideration from residents and stakeholders. Scheme design will continue for at least 12 months with consultation where appropriate during the design stages. The project is anticipated to be delivered over four years with the scheme split into phases. 

Scheme details

The scheme will help to create a sense of place and community in Shortlands, creating spaces where people choose to visit and spend time, thereby supporting local businesses plus reducing the need to travel further afield for leisure and shopping, which unnecessarily increases congestion. The project will also deliver a number of interventions across the defined area of the scheme. These interventions seek to make walking and cycling a more attractive and sociable experiences, providing accessible travel options which have an important role to play in reducing congestion and the desire to drive.

Scheme objectives include:

  • Redesigned junctions around Shortlands station, including alterations to Shortlands station forecourt to benefit station users, thereby 
  • A revitalised public realm around the shops in the village centre to create a stronger identity as a destination for the businesses and shoppers, so the village centre can become the centre of the Shortlands community again.
  • On Bromley Road between Shortlands Station and Albemarle Road improvements to the pedestrian environment and reviewing road space distribution to make cycling a more attractive experience. 
  • New public space around Shortlands War Memorial and other strategic locations.
  • An improved cycling link between Shortlands station and Westmoreland Road, connecting schools and residents to the wider borough cycling network.
  • Pedestrian crossing improvements throughout the scheme area particularly supporting walking routes to schools.

Scheme area and locations

Download project area and scheme location map

Keep in touch

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