School records

Records of individual pupils are kept by their school and protected by the Data Protection Act. 

Individual pupil records

The Department for Education publishes the requirements for the keeping, disclosure and transfer of a pupil's educational record.

Privacy notice

To ensure that schools continue to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, schools need to issue an updated Privacy Notice  to pupils and/or parents summarising the information held about pupils, why it is held, and the third parties to whom it may be passed on.

Confirmation of attendance

Admission Registers should be retained permanently by a school, so if you need confirmation that you attended a certain school between certain dates you should contact the school. If the school has closed, records may have been sent to the Local Authority. To find out if the registers still exist please contact Bromley Historic Collections Library.

Examination results

If you have lost your examination certificates you can contact the appropriate examination board for replacements. The National Consortium for Examination Results gives details of how to do this.