Educational visits

School visits and journeys form an important part of school life. They provide young people with personal development opportunities that may not be possible to deliver within school.

Health and safety on school visits

Educational visits are subject to a range of laws.

A school's Governing Body and Head Teacher are responsible for arranging and managing educational visits for their pupils. There will be an Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) in each school. When planning a visit, a school must:

  • carry out a risk assessment
  • inform parents/carers of the arrangements and
  • obtain permission for the child or young person to participate.  

We provide

  • local guidance to schools on the health and safety of pupils on educational visits
  • training for schools' Educational Visits Co-ordinators
  • We maintain a register of school visits involving hazardous activities, overnight stays and travel outside the UK  

Bromley Environmental Education Centre at High Elms (BEECHE) is an education and visitor centre offering environmental education to schools in term time and opens as a visitor and information centre on weekends and during school holidays.

Further information on school visits

Please contact the EVC at your child's school for information about a particular educational visit.