Census 2021

On the 21 March, the nationwide census will take place. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) carry out this once in a decade survey, on behalf of central government to measure the population and demographic statistics of all households across the UK. This helps with the planning of services and allocation of funds across all counties and boroughs, including here in Bromley.

What is the Census?

The Census is a collection of questions about you and the members of your household. It provides the most accurate description of the UK population and who we are; out gender, age, race, religion, and where we live. It’s the most comprehensive survey about our society as a whole.

Why should I take part in the Census?

The Census provides national and local government with a comprehensive overview of the people that they represent. In Bromley, the Census data will provide help in deciding on the planning and funding of different services, from schools, hospitals, and housing, to local support groups and charities. During the current coronavirus pandemic, getting a full picture of our population to help us understand their needs is more important than ever.

The census data is also useful for businesses, as it can help decisions on where in Bromley to set up and create new job opportunities. The Census also only comes around once every 10 years, so you won’t have a chance to participate again until 2031. It is mandatory to complete the Census, and you could face a fine of up to £1000 if you do not.

When is the Census?

Census Day is March 21 2021. Most households in the UK will be invited to take part through a code they will receive in a letter posted sometime in early March. It is mandatory to complete and can be done online using your code.

How do I take part?

Completing the Census will take around 10 minutes, and can be done online on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet.

Whilst we would strongly encourage you to take part online, some households will receive a paper questionnaire and anyone can request one. There are also a number of accessibility options to help you complete the Census. There are translation booklets available for download should you not speak English or Welsh, and you can also complete the Census by talking to an advisor over the phone.

More information can be found on census.gov.uk, where closer to the Census date there will be support available by phone, webchat, email, social media or text message.

Field staff employed by the Office for National Statistics will be contacting households directly that do not respond to the census, but no one will ever ask for payment to help anyone fill in their questionnaire.

From the last Census:

  • There were 309,392 people recorded in Bromley, making us the 6th  most populous London borough
  • There were 12,000 more female than male residents, a 52-48% split
  • 120,153 people were married
  • Over 73,000 people worked full-time, with 41,000 people both living and working in Bromley
  • 2,190 of you cycled to work
  • 25,213 Bromley residents were small employers and own account workers
  • 20,095 were under 5 years old, whilst 2,729 were over the age of 90

Census 2021  - could you fulfil a community engagement role?

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