Census 2021 is coming!

The census is a national survey carried out by the Office for National Statistic every decade to create a complete picture of the nation. This year, Census Day is Sunday 21 March.

By taking part, you can help to inform decisions on services that shape your community, such as schools, doctors’ surgeries and bike lanes.

This year the census will be digital-first, meaning most people will complete their census online, although paper questionnaires will still available for people who need them.

Ahead of Census Day, the Office for National Statistics will send you a letter in the post with an access code and instructions on how to complete the census online.

You can fill yours in as soon as you get your access code in the post.

If you need help completing the census there will be a wide range of support services available. Further information can be found at www.census.gov.uk or you can follow on Twitter @Census2021.

Field staff employed by the Office for National Statistics will be contacting households directly that do not respond to the census, but no one will ever ask for payment to help anyone fill in their questionnaire.

Census 2021  - could you fulfil a community engagement role?

If you’re ready to help make Census 2021 a reality, come and join the teams working to achieve this. Explore the different roles and locations currently recruiting to find out more and how to apply.