Census 2011 - key findings

The population of Bromley increased 4.7% since the 2001 census (295,532 in 2001 compared with 309,392 in 2011).

  • Over 33% of the adult population are single
  • Almost half the adult population (48.5%) is married or in a registered same-sex civil partnership
  • 11% of adults are divorced or formerly in a same-sex civil partnership which is now legally dissolved or separated.
  • Widows and widowers make up nearly 7% of the population
  • Married couple households make up 34.4% of the total households
  • One-person households represent 31.2% of all households
  • Almost 31% of households have two or more cars or vans
  • 77.4% of the population gave their ethnic origin as White British
  • 85.6% of the population of Bromley were born in the UK
  • 60.7% of the population gave their religion are Christian
  • Over 66% of the economically active population are in employment with only 2.3% unemployed
  • 13.3% of the population are retired
  • Just over 33% of Bromley's population have qualification at a degree level or higher
  • 71.7% of homes are owner occupied (owned outright, owned with a mortgage or loan or shared ownership)