Census 2011 - Second release, phase 2 (Bromley Ward Data)

These were released on 30th January 2013 and comprise some 29 Key Statistics Tables and 64 Quick Statistics Tables covering a wide variety of topics (tables specifically relating to Wales or containing only containing National data are not included)

The Key Statistics tables for Bromley Wards have been taken from the data supplied by the Office for National Statistics and put together as six spreadsheets containing a worksheet for each table (in each case two tables, one with numbers and the other showing percentages) with Ward names and 2011 census geography codes for ease of use with GIS.

The subject areas covered in each spreadsheet are as follows (the first page of the spreadsheet details the tables each contains):

  • Diversity Data
  • Health & Unpaid Care Data
  • Households & Families
  • Housing Data
  • Labour Market Data
  • Qualifications Data

View the key statistical data relating to Bromley wards.

The Greater London Authority has extracted the data for the London Boroughs and made it available as Excel spreadsheets, provided a mapping tool and some short reports comparing the boroughs at the regional, as well as national, level and identifying trends and changes over time using historic census data; these are available on the London Datastore 

The data for England and Wales are available on the ONS 2011 Census Page under the 2011 Census, Key Statistics for Local Authorities in England and Wales