Census 2011 - Second release, phase 4 (additional London Boroughs data)

These were released on 26 March 2013 and comprise seven tables

The release includes key statistics (AP) for non-UK born short-term and quick statistics (QS) on national identity, passports held and Social Grade for Usual Residents:

  • AP1101EW - Sex by five-year age group (non-UK born short-term residents)
  • AP1201EW - Country of birth (non-UK born short-term residents)
  • AP1202EW - Passports held (detailed) (non-UK born short-term residents)
  • AP1601EW - Economic activity (non-UK born short-term residents)
  • QS212EW -   Passports held (detailed)
  • QS214EW -   National identity (detailed)
  • QS611EW -   Approximated social grade (household reference persons aged 16 to 64).
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