Drug and alcohol services

There are a range of substances that people may misuse – these can include illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and cannabis and over the counter medicines bought at a pharmacy or even prescription medication. Some people may become dependent, others may use socially when out with friends.

Many people enjoy a drink – they like the taste and the effects.  However, if your drinking has increased or you are drinking more frequently, you may be putting your health at risk.

If you are worried about your drink or drug use, this confidential on-line quiz may help you understand more about your level of drinking or drug use.

Find the right service for you

Young people's services 

Confidential drug and alcohol misuse treatment and support services for under-18 year olds.

Adult services

Information, advice and support for 18 year olds and over to help reduce your alcohol or drug misuse.

About our services

We work together with Change Grow Live (CGL) to offer a range of services to those who have concerns about their drug or alcohol use and are London Borough of Bromley residents.

Our services are flexible, confidential and will allow Bromley residents to empower themselves and take control of their health and quality of life.