Procurement at Bromley

Corporate Procurement

The Council has a Corporate Procurement function to co-ordinate procurement activity within the borough. Its remit includes promoting the use of corporate contracts (and where possible entering into contracts with other London boroughs or other consortia), ensuring that all staff concerned with procurement and tendering follow best practice, and implementing the recommendations detailed in the National Procurement Strategy.

Although the Head of Procurement is responsible for all procurement activity throughout the council, there are separate commissioning teams in social care & health and education & learning.


In order to make the procurement process more effective and to reduce  associated costs, Bromley has introduced a number of solutions as part of an e-procurement programme.

Electronic orders

Bromley now produces its orders electronically using the Oracle I-procurement system. Suppliers are now able to receive their orders as an e-mail attachment (if appropriate) and can now receive payment by BACS, thus making the process more streamlined. Bromley can also now receive invoices electronically.

Purchasing cards

Orders can now be also be placed with providers using the Council's purchasing card where appropriate.  

Electronic tendering

Bromley is in the process of trialling an electronic tendering system called ProContract. This will enable providers to submit tenders electronically and it's use is described on the linked page.

Corporate procurement


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