Promotional space for hire in Bromley Town Centre

Terms and conditions

Promotional activities are part of a busy town centre community that includes market traders, shops, businesses, buskers, residents and members of the public and as such we expect that those involved in promotional activities are aware of and respect this.

Complaints or reports of aggressive marketing or inappropriate behaviour towards others within the town centre community may result in your organisation not being considered for any future bookings.

Promotional activities should not feature music or entertainment acts unless explicitly permitted by Bromley Council. If you intend to utilise any such activities please ensure it is clearly outlined in your application.

Where promotional space users are failing to abide by the terms and conditions we expect that their organisations will take action to ensure compliance when informed of any breach by Bromley Council

If an organisation continues to breach terms and conditions following notification of an issue by Bromley Council it will result in that organisation being excluded from any future bookings and may result in the organisation being prevented from continuing with any confirmed bookings. No refunds would be given in such circumstances.

Public Liability

Any organisation undertaking promotional activity must have public liability insurance to at least the value of £5m valid for the times the promotional activity booking is requested. Without this no consideration will be given to a booking request.

Organisations should also provide a risk assessment and method statement for their promotional activity.


Promotional activities and displays will not have access to electricity or water facilities. Independent generators can be used with permission from Bromley Council if you intend to utilise a generator please ensure it is clearly outlined in your application.


Bookings can only be confirmed up to three months in advance; we do not confirm booking requests beyond that in order to prevent block booking by any one organisation and also to ensure minimal clashes with other Town Centre activities (such as seasonal events and specialist markets).


If required Vehicle Access Permits will be provided as part of the promotional booking. Vehicles must enter and exit the pedestrianized area before 9am and cannot return until after 5pm

If you require a vehicle to transport materials relevant to your set up or activities please note that if arriving after 9am it will not be granted access.

If a vehicle is required as part of the promotional display itself the vehicle must be stationary between 9am and 5pm in the agreed promotional area.


Handing out leaflets, coupons or flyers is covered by the promotional booking and while businesses can sign customers up to a service or hand out free gifts if you wish to take a deposit or wish to sell any physical items as part of your promotion a separate Street Trading Licence will also be required in addition to your promotional booking.

Please let us know if this is required when applying for a booking and we will co-ordinate this for you. Please note that this will incur an additional Street Trading Licence fee.

If you wish to hand out food samples let us know; pre-prepared and sealed food is okay but food preparation on site is not permitted without explicit permission from Bromley Council and further food hygiene qualifications

If a charity wishes to collect money as part of its promotional activities a separate charity collection licence from the Metropolitan Police is required.


Any set ups should reflect the designated promotional space areas and not extend beyond them. All set ups must ensure a minimum 4m fire path around them to enable emergency vehicle access up and down the High Street.