Rogue traders and scams

No Cold Calling Zones

A number of 'No Cold Calling Zones' have been set up in the borough in an attempt to reduce doorstep crime by rogue traders and itinerant traders who predominantly cold call on their victims.  The purpose of 'No Cold Calling Zones' is to advise canvassers and salespersons that they should not call at residents' homes.  Signs are prominently displayed in the zones advising would be traders to desist from this practice. 'No Cold Calling Zones' are set up after Trading Standards receive a request from a Bromley resident or Residents Association. Usually a single road is proposed and there must be evidence of doorstep crime or distraction burglary in the proposed area before a zone is considered.  It is not an offence to cold call in a 'No Cold Calling Zone', but zones do assist residents who want to say no to cold callers.

More information about setting up a 'No Cold Calling Zone' can be found through the Trading Standards Institute or by contacting our 'No Cold Calling Zones' co-ordinator.