Blade Safe

Retailers selling knives in Bromley are being encouraged to sign up to a voluntary charter.

The Blade Safe Responsible Retailer Charter is administrated by Bromley Trading Standards.  It is part of a campaign to get knives off of the streets of Bromley and reduce knife crime.  The aim of the charter is to promote responsible retailing of knives and prevent illegal sales of knives to persons under 18 years old. Signatories to the charter are committed to making Bromley a safer place for everyone.  

The scheme is free of charge to join and members will be given their signed charter and a membership door sticker for display in a prominent position in the shop.

Blade Safe sticker


Traders who sign up to the charter will agree to the following terms:

  • They will not sell any knives to anybody under the age of 18
  • They will operate an age verification policy so that when any customers, who appear to be below 25, attempt to buy knives they are always asked to show suitable proof of age
  • They will carefully consider how and where they display knives and, if possible, they will keep them out of reach or in secure cabinets or they will use an appropriate security tagging system
  • They will regularly train their staff to ensure they are aware of the law and the requirements of this charter
  • They will use till prompts and/or age check display material to remind their staff and customers about proof of age requirements
  • They will display the signed charter in a prominent position so that their customers are aware of their commitment
  • They understand and agree that the council may conduct test purchasing and surveillance to monitor how knives are sold.

In practice, this will mean slightly different approaches according to the size and experience of the retailer.  For example, some will be able to use display cabinets and others will demonstrate their commitment through the appropriate positioning of the knives for sale in the shop. When customers see the Blade Safe sign in store, they can rest assured that the issue of knife crime is being taken very seriously indeed by the shop they are in, and that they are playing their part in preventing it. 

Bromley Trading Standards encourage traders to become a member of their free voluntary Blade Safe Responsible Retailer Charter to help protect themselves against falling foul of the law and with the prevention of knife related crime.   

For further information, please email Bromley Trading Standards. 

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