Youth offending service - support for parents

The youth offending service (YOS) provides additional support to parents and careers. There is a dedicated parenting officer located in the service who will assess the support required and offers parenting interventions to assist parents of children and young people who are known to the YOS.

The support provided to parents is based on their assessed needs. Support can be provided through one-to-one sessions, group work with other parents, workshops and training sessions about gangs and youth violence, keeping young people safe on the internet, and adult education.

There are occasions where the courts will make a statutory parenting order and enforcement action can be taken if parents do not engage with us.  However, our aim is always to seek cooperation and agreement with parents to work with us without the need for this to be enforced as we are aware that we get better outcomes by working together with parents.

YOS can also help parents get the support they need with for example substance misuse, housing, or emotional wellbeing problems.

YOS can see parents at home or speak with them over the telephone. Parents can use the parenting support services voluntarily, or it may be part of a condition set at court.

Information on parenting support.