Court procedures for young people

Court orders

Bromley youth offending service (YOS) provides a service to the youth courts and crown court, giving advice and information with the aim of minimising delays in the process. The YOS provides a service to the youth court and will liaise with a range of professionals at the court in relation to children and young people appearing in court. The YOS is responsible for supervising orders made by the court.  An order will detail what young people will be required to do. 

There are a range of court sentences designed to help children and young people move away from crime to protect the public and ensure that the young person engages in work to address their offending behaviour.

Pre-sentence reports

At the request of the court, a report will be ordered when a child or young person pleads guilty or found guilty of an offence.  The report is used by the court to provide information about the young person and their offending as well as potential sentencing options for consideration by the court.  Bromley YOS provides information to the court to inform sentencing proposals. These are known as pre-sentence reports (PSR’s) and include details of the offence, the young person's circumstances and the reasons for their behaviour, the impact on the victim and a suggested sentence.

Bail and remand

The court may decide to bail a young person to attend a future court hearing. Bail can come with or without conditions such as a curfew to stay away from any witnesses, restricting their movements, reporting to a police station at certain times or a programme of support from YOS.

The court may remand a young person to the care of the local authority, in which case they become a 'looked after child'. YOS directs the young person to live where their needs will be best met and in the interests of protecting the public. This can be with a family member or specially recruited and trained foster carers. If the court orders a secure remand, YOS will work with the youth custody service (government department) to find a suitable place and ensure the young person is escorted there.

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