Electric and hybrid vehicles

If you currently drive a petrol or diesel vehicle, you could save money and cut pollutants by switching to electric. 

These vehicles produce no air pollution emissions and are extremely beneficial in terms of improving air quality. The distance that electric vehicles can travel is gradually increasing due to improvements in battery technology.

Electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charging scheme, pay no road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) and benefit from reduced company car tax.

A hybrid is a vehicle that normally has a diesel or a petrol engine and an electric motor.  

More about electric vehicles including the benefits and incentives.

Vehicle charging 

Charge points

Owners of electric vehicles are now able to charge their cars at some council operated car parks. 

Council car parks with charging points.

Using the charge points 

You will need to register with Source London the London wide electric vehicle charging point network to use the charging points.

Register to use electric vehicle charge points (Source London website)

Source London 

Blue Point London owns and has responsibility for the Source London charge points.

For more about registration and charging your vehicle, go to the Source London website.

POLAR Network

The network is operated by Chargemaster PLC.

Check point locations on the chargemaster website.  

The Polar Network offers a range of charging infra-structure, including rapid chargers which are not currently provided by Source London.  They also offer a pay as you go option called POLAR instant.

For more information please visit the chargemaster website

Further information 

The POLAR and Source London networks are separate and being a member of one does not allow use of the other.  If you are interested in purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle but would like further advice please contact transport.strategy@bromley.gov.uk

Request a chargepoint

If you are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, or already own one and would like to suggest a location for a chargepoint in your area, please make an electric vehicle chargepoint request.

Home charging unit grants

A government initiative is offering a 75% grant (capped at £500) towards the cost of a home charging unit, provided that the unit is placed on land within the applicant’s ownership. For vehicle eligibility please go to www.gov.uk/plug-in-user-van-grants/eligibility

For more information please contact chargepoint.grants@olev.gsi.gov.uk