Big London Energy Switch

Get a better deal on your electricity and gas bills

Residents across the borough have an exciting opportunity to get a better deal on your gas and electricity bills. There are no charges for taking part, whatever your decision – to see if you can save money on your fuel bills, register your interest.

How do energy auctions work?

Strength in numbers! When many residents register as a group they have greater bargaining power than they would individually. The scheme uses this group buying power to get energy companies to compete for customers by offering the lowest prices.

We are pleased to announce that the electricity supplied to your home is now backed by 100 per cent renewable electricity, helping residents achieve cheaper and greener electricity tariffs when signing up with the Big London Energy Switch.

Autumn auction deadline 6 October 2020

Find out more about the scheme.

How much can I save?

It is important to note that the scheme does not guarantee the cheapest rates or savings; however, average savings in London are £250 per annum. You will have a few weeks to decide whether to accept the offer. The tariffs are fixed for one year.

Can I take part?

You can take part in the Big London Energy Switch if:

  • you pay a gas or electricity bill which is in your name;
  • you pay by direct debit or if you have a pre-payment meter
  • you pay for both gas and electricity together (dual fuel), or if you pay separate bills, or if you pay only for electricity.
  • you have access to the internet and emails, registration is online only.

If you are in debt to your current gas or electricity supplier you can still register but you might need to pay off some or all of your debt before switching.

How to register

Visit the Big London Energy Switch website to register your interest. Registration should take no longer than 10 minutes. The scheme is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant so your personal details will be held securely. Bromley Council will not be holding customers’ personal data. At no expense to residents, the council collects a small fee for every fuel switched to cover administration and promotional costs. We believe in promoting this scheme but would always encourage residents to shop around for similar schemes.



Big London Energy Switch

You can email us or call our partners directly for further information.

Tel: 0800 048 8112