Bromley Sustainable Schools Forum (BSSF)

What is a Sustainable School?

A sustainable school prepares young people for a lifetime of sustainable living, through its teaching, fabric and day-to-day practices.

A sustainable school encourages an integrated approach between its campus, curriculum and community and is guided by a commitment to care:

  • for oneself;
  • for each other (across cultures, distances and generations); and
  • for the environment itself (far and near).

What does this mean in Bromley?

Despite the many challenges faced by schools there is a strong and growing sense of purpose in Bromley, shared by many schools and colleges, about the importance of sustainability in terms of both the environmental efficiency and care agendas.

The Bromley Sustainable Schools Forum (BSSF) represents a clear plan to bring council officers and educators together for a more joined-up approach to the issue.

In practical terms, the BSSF provides a support network designed to share best practice including through:

  • schools circulars - to advise on changes in policy and practice
  • newsletters - to keep members up-to-date with developments
  • resources - to link with other sources of information
  • case studies - showcasing existing good practice and encouraging innovation

If you would like to know more about the forum or how to involve your school, contact us.