Water butts

Water butt

Collecting rain water is a great, natural way to ensure that your garden looks healthy all year round. Capturing rainwater can also help to reduce local flooding.

We are working in partnership with getcomposting.com (a subsidiary of Straight plc) to offer residents significant discounts on water butts. With getcomposting.com's Rainsaver kits, you can have your own mini reservoir, keeping your garden watered even through the driest spells. This offer is subject to availability.  

A wide range of compost bins, water butts and accessories are available to meet all your composting and water saving needs. Prices start from just £8.50 (plus delivery) for compost bins and £15 (plus delivery) for water butts. Our 'Buy One Get One Half Price' offer  has been extended for another year. Compost bins are made from 100% recycled green plastic and guaranteed for 15 years. Each water butt kit comes complete with a stand, diverter and tap. They are made using green recycled plastic and are guaranteed for five years. Subsidised water butts are limited to two per household.


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