The Green Deal

The Green Deal scheme is for people wanting to carry out improvements to their homes, that will reduce energy consumption, and emissions to the environment and make their homes more energy efficient. You can apply for an assessment of your property from a Green Deal Assessor. This will determine or confirm whether such works may be eligible for upfront funding under the Green Deal and additionally whether you may be eligible for, or whether the works may qualify for, subsidy from the Energy Company Obligation, (ECO).  

How it works

Where applicable, Green Deal funding will be provided by a lender/Green Deal provider to cover the upfront cost of works which will then be repayable, together with interest, over a period of up to 25 years and secured against the property through the energy meter, with costs recovered through an increased charge for energy from the householder. The suggested incentive is that costs of repayment for the householder would be no greater than the potential savings in energy usage as a result of the works carried out, "The Golden Rule" and where expensive measures are to be installed these may attract subsidy from ECO to help a potential scheme fall within the golden rule.

Next steps 

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