Local Implementation Plan

The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a statutory document, required by the Greater London Authority Act 1999, which sets out we intend to implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy (MTS) within the borough.

The most recent of these is the Third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) which sets out the borough’s approach to transport including the ambition to improve road safety, along with various investment priorities for the next three years as well as in the longer term to 2041. After an extensive development and consultation process the LIP3 was approved by the Mayor of London in April 2019.


Bromley's population is expected to increase by almost 30,000 by 2032. This level of population growth will present challenges for the borough's transport networks, in ensuring that residents can still move about safely and efficiently to access employment, education, health provision, and retail and leisure opportunities. If this growth in demand for travel were to be accompanied by an equal growth in car use, congestion would get worse, with slower journeys for residents and businesses and a probable deterioration in air quality.

Given this, the LIP3 outlines the borough's priorities, which include; improving road safety, lowering the impact of air pollution in the areas of highest exceedance, reducing both congestion and the impact of excess parking, making it easier to walk and choose to cycle, continuing the development of the electric vehicle charging network, and working with partner organisations to deliver new public transport capacity and connectivity.

Third Local Implementation Plan timeline

The LIP3 was considered by the Environmental Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel in October 2018 where it was recommended that the Portfolio Holder for Environment allow public consultation to occur.

The consultation exercise on the draft LIP3 began in November 2018 and concluded in January 2019. The consultation included both statutory and non-statutory consultees.

Following the consultation a report was taken to the Environment and Community Services PDS committee, in February 2019, which summarised the results of the consultation and sought any further feedback from committee members.

This consultation resulted in a revised LIP3 plan which was submitted along with the draft LIP3 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) to the Mayor of London for approval in February 2019.

The LIP3 was approved by the Mayor of London in April 2019.