Cycling is a good way to help everyone lead a more active lifestyle and there are a wide range of services, cycle routes, clubs and organisations in the borough that can help you access cycling as a mode of transport and a fun way to exercise.

Cycling around Bromley

Advice for cyclists

Cycling clubs and organisations

Local cycling clubs and organisations that cater for every kind of cyclist

Cycle Buddies

Are you a new cyclist, nervous about riding on London’s roads?  Or are you getting back on the bike after some time off?  Perhaps you want help riding to work for the first time, planning the route to local shops or trying out the route for your children to get to school?

Cycle Buddies puts new riders in touch with experienced riders in their local area.  Buddies can meet up and ride together – to work, to the shops or just to the park for some practice!

If you are a confident cyclist, you can sign up too, to help others experience the joy and freedom of getting about by bike.   

Find out more and sign up to Cycle Buddies