Advice for cyclists

Every person you see riding a bicycle was a beginner once and it might seem a little daunting if you are new to cycling. Here is some helpful advice and tips to help get you out on the road and to keep you riding with confidence for years to come.

Transport for London has some helpful advice for cyclists and drivers

British Cycling have produced a series of videos for to help leisure and commute cyclists get the most from their journeys.

Watch the videos

Stay Wider of the Rider campaign

If you experience a close pass by a motor vehicle you can report it on the Stay Wider of the Rider website which the Met Police Cycle Safety Team use as data to help them target their Close Pass Operations towards problem areas, where they provide roadside education to drivers who perform close passing of cyclists.

We have an ongoing safety campaign to educate drivers on the importance of avoiding close passing of cyclists. A number of road safety signs are located across the borough on roads that have been identified  as close pass hot spots with the aim of reminding drivers to ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’.  If you would like to have the signs on roads where you experience close passes, please contact us

Cycle training

We offer cycle training to cater for all skill levels.  We can provide Learn 2 Ride sessions for adults that are unable to cycle and we are usually able to get complete beginners riding in an hour or two. If you don’t own a bike, we can loan you one for the session. We also offer three different levels of on road training for beginners through to advanced riders.  Full details can be found on our Adult Cycle Training page

Road safety


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