Cycle lanes Bromley Road - consultation

We have sent a letter to selected residents asking for positive and negative views they may have regarding the segregated cycle lanes installed on Bromley Road between the junction with Shortlands Road and the junction with Albemarle Road.

We are considering making the two cycle lanes permanent and not reinstating the section of ‘part time’ bus lane and are therefore seeking their opinion. We have  requested that they consider the improvements and benefits that have been made and paid for, balanced against any negative impacts and inconveniences.

This stretch of Bromley Road has previously been identified by Bromley Council as part of a route from Bromley Town Centre to the west via Beckenham and where an improved environment for cyclists could increase everyday cycle journeys. The segregated cycle lanes were therefore part of the proposals for the Shortlands Friendly Village, which was widely consulted on in December 2019 and January 2020. A successful funding opportunity to install the lanes became available last year as part of the experimental changes to aid walking and cycling in London, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since their installation the council has monitored both the use of the cycle lanes and traffic speeds. The results are encouraging as they are well used by cyclists and the perception is that the road feels safer for all users. In addition, outside Bishop Challoner School where the pavement is narrow, the segregated cycle lane acts as a buffer between motorists and pedestrians.

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This consultation has now closed.