About the LGPS scheme

Who can join

The LGPS is available to all employees in Local Government, or in other organisations that have chosen to participate in it.  Normally, employees eligible to join another statutory pension scheme, in respect of their local authority employment, are not allowed to join the LGPS, for example teachers, police officers and firefighters.  An employee cannot join the scheme on or after the eve of their 75th birthday.  Membership for employees of Admission Bodies is subject to the terms of their admission agreement.

Membership is automatic for all employees in Local Government with a contract of three months or over, unless the Pension Membership Form has been completed indicating that they do not wish to contribute to the scheme.  An employee who has more than one post may be a member in respect of all posts, some posts, or not at all.  If they are a member in respect of more than one post, they will build up separate pension rights in respect of each post. 

Where a contract is extended to exceed three months the member will be entitled to join the scheme and will need to complete a pension membership form.  A scheduled body must offer the employee the option to pay backdated contributions to the start of their original contract.  However, an admission body is not permitted to offer backdated contributions.

However, from 1 October 2012 under The LGPS (Miscellaneous) Regulations 2012 those employees with contracts of less than 3 months i.e. temporary and casual employees, can elect to join the scheme.

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