Funding timetable for childcare providers

Term 2018/19

Claims Due *


Autumn advance Sunday 21 July Friday 6 September
Summer final Sunday 2 June Friday 12 July

* Claims MUST be submitted by the Due date – late claims will NOT be paid.

If you have a genuine reason why you cannot comply with a due date, you should email [email protected] by the claims due date at the very latest.

Childminders will receive monthly payments as follows:

Each term, childminders will :

  1. need to update their claim each month only if they have any changes - an email reminder will be sent out and childminders can book a telephone call
  2. receive 4 monthly payments each term (calculated by dividing their claim by 4)
  3. receive a monthly instalment taking into account any adjustments and previous payments for the term
Term 2018/19 Monthly payments
Autumn 7 September 5 October 2 November 7 December
Spring 11 January 1 February 1 March 29 March
Summer 26 April 24 May 28 June 26 July

Census dates are as follows:

Census week Submission deadline
14 - 18 January Sunday 27 January

The Census should be completed by copying the children’s details across to the Census tab on the claim form.  If children are claiming both the universal and the extended entitlement; they will appear twice on the Census sheet.

Exceptional Adjustments claims dates:

Providers do not need to make an exceptional adjustment when they make an error or omission on their advance claim as this can be corrected on the final claim.  Exceptional adjustments are only for errors/omissions on the final claim.

  Submission date Payment date
Autumn Final 2018 Sunday 2 September Friday 11 January
Spring Advance 2019 Sunday 17 March Friday 26 April
Spring Final 2019 Sunday 7 July Friday 16 August

Providers must submit the required documentation and the amended claim form to [email protected]

Refer to page 27 of the FE Handbook