Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) - practitioners library

Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board practitioners library of tools, guidance and policy for professionals and providers.

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ADASS safeguarding adults policy network (June 2016)

Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements. Guidance for Inter-Authority Safeguarding Adults Enquiry and Protection Arrangements

Adult safeguarding practice guidance 

Practice guidance is for lead agency adult social care and health professionals in Bromley. This explains the local process for adult safeguarding referrals and the procedures for all adult safeguarding enquiries.

Referral form: Safeguarding Adults initial enquiry form

Adults at serious risk from self-neglect

This document sets out Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board policy and procedure for a multi- agency response to situations when an individual over 18 years is at risk of serious injury or grave deterioration of health as a result of refusal of assessment and/or intervention by statutory agencies.

Advocacy - safeguarding

Process for adults at risk who require advocacy support

Alerters guide (Jan 2018)

What to do if you or someone you know is being abused or neglected

Appeals procedure: adult safeguarding planning meetings and outcomes

When to appeal about the management of adult safeguarding planning meeting and/or the outcomes of an adult safeguarding enquiry can be made, how such appeals are to be resolved, and who can appeal.

Bromley Female Genital Mutilation guidance and flowchart

To raise awareness of the risks of FGM and aims to ensure that services across the borough are equipped to respond to and reduce the practice of FGM.

Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board confidentiality statement

Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board information sharing agreement

Guidance for staff in the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board partnership organisations on when and how to share confidential personal information about adults with care and support needs who may be experiencing, or at risk of abuse or neglect.

Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board multi-agency adult safeguarding competency framework 2017-2019

The framework provides agreed minimum standards regarding competence levels that are applicable to all partner agencies, and it is recognised that staff with specific roles and responsibilities may have additional competence requirements.

Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board self-assessment tool for organisations

The BSAB self-audit tool for organisations is to help them evaluate the effectiveness of internal safeguarding arrangements and to identify and prioritise any areas where there is need for further development.

Care Act duty of candour

Guidance for lead agency practitioners on the Section 81 Care Act statutory duty of candour on secondary care organisations registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: Hoarding and how to approach it

An overview of hoarding and its aetiology, in particular considering Diogenes syndrome and hoarding as a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Choking guidelines

This guidance is intended to support the management of service users who live in the London Borough of Bromley (LBB) and who are at an increased risk of choking. It is relevant to older people, those with a learning or physical disability, people with a mental health issues or those with cognitive impairment.

Domestic violence

Information for care managers on responding to adult safeguarding cases which involve domestic abuse.

ECHS care management referrals to Housing Needs

Guidance to Education Care and Health care management staff on the protocol for making referrals to ECHS Housing Needs in safeguarding cases where assistance with securing alternative accommodation may be the appropriate response to protect an adult a risk of abuse within their own home.

Fact Sheet for adults at risk and for relatives and friends

This factsheet provides information for adults at risk of abuse, their relatives, family carers and friends to explain the adult safeguarding processes used in Bromley to protect people who are vulnerable to harm and exploitation.

Home fire safety initiative referrals

Guidance to LBB ECHS Care Services Division staff and other partner agencies on making referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.

Home Fire Safety Visit Referral Form 

Hospital Social Services Team

Hospital Social Services Team.

Initial Response procedure for LAS reports, Police Merlins and Care Quality Commission referrals

Guidance for Initial Response team on process for receipt and processing of LAS Vulnerable Adult in Need/at Risk Report Form, Police Merlins and alerts concerning provider services regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Legal Guidance for Practitioners

This guide outlines the legal basis for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults at risk of harm in England.

Part 1 (pages 1 - 150)

Part 2 (pages 151 - 301)

London Ambulance Service referrals for adults at risk or in need

Guidance to Education Care and Health Services and Oxleas staff undertaking the lead agency role in adult safeguarding, on the protocol to be followed for receiving and responding to reports from the London Ambulance Service.

London Borough of Bromley Hoarding Panel protocol

Guidance to LBB staff on the procedure for referrals for the multi-agency Hoarding Panel to manage complex risks to individuals in cases where the single agency approach has not resolved the risks to the person concerned.

London Multi-Agency adult safeguarding policy and procedures

This guide outlines the legal basis for the safeguarding of adults at risk of harm in England. It is aimed primarily at practitioners working in various settings for organisations involved in safeguarding. But it may also be useful for volunteers, family carers and people with disabilities.

Managing allegations against staff and working with adults at risk of abuse

Guidance for health and social care providers on managing allegations of abuse or neglect against health and social staff and volunteers working with adults with care and support needs who may be experiencing or at risk of abuse

Mental Capacity Act 2005

This policy guidance provides key information for Care Services division staff on the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the responsibilities of health and social care professionals with a duty of care for adults who may lack capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Modern day slavery

How to recognise and safeguard the victims of modern day slavery. The Modern Day Slavery Act 2015.

Oxleas safeguarding policy

This document outlines the statutory responsibilities of the organisation in relation to the Care Act 2014. It provides clarity for all staff on their duties and responsibilities when they have safeguarding concerns, and identifies the governance arrangements that are in place within the trust to safeguard adults, including the training requirements of staff.

Positive risk taking policy

This document outlines the statutory responsibilities of the organisation in relation to the Care Act 2014. It provides clarity for all staff on their duties and responsibilities when they have safeguarding concerns, and identifies the governance arrangements that are in place within the trust to safeguard adults, including the training requirements of staff.

Pressure ulcers

Process for safeguarding, recording and managing avoidable grade 3++ pressure ulcers.

Prevent Case Management Board (Channel) terms of reference

The board will support the assessment of Prevent referrals for suitability to the Channel Intervention Programme.

Protocol for feedback to persons reporting safeguarding concerns

Protocol for recording out-borough adult safeguarding investigations

Protocol for the recording of safeguarding investigations in care settings outside the borough which involve service users who have been placed by the London Borough of Bromley and who retain their ordinary residence status in Bromley.

Protocol for screening referrals – Traffic Light System process

The protocol is for workers in the Initial Response Team (AEIS) when dealing with complex/serious cases.

Referral Forms

Referrals forms to report your concerns to the BSAB and competent authorities.

Resolving inter-agency disagreement

Protocol for the resolution of professional disagreement between agencies working with vulnerable adults at risk of abuse in Bromley.

Risk threshold decision making tool

Information for Health and Social Care professionals to assist in assessing threshold decisions in safeguarding concerns.

SafeLives Dash risk checklist

Checklist for the identification of high risk cases of domestic abuse, stalking and ‘honour’-based violence. This form will provide valuable information about the risks that children are living with but it is not a full risk assessment for children.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk: Local guidance and police intervention

Local guidance and good practice for the implementation of Protecting Adults at Risk Policy and Procedures as per London Multi-agency policy and procedures to safeguard adults from abuse. In particular, police intervention in the Safeguarding Adults Process.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk assessment form 

Risk evaluation

Safeguarding Adults initial enquiry form 

This form is to be used to notify the Bromley Early Intervention Service of suspected or actual instances of abuse or neglect and is the start of a Safeguarding Adults Section 42 Enquiry under the Care Act 2014.

Safeguarding Adults Reviews policy

This policy provides an explanation of Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) and the process by which a SAR is carried out. It includes how professionals can make referrals for a SAR, how the SAR Sub-Group will recommend whether a SAR or other type of review should be carried out, how to commission and carry out a SAR and the approach to confidentiality, information sharing and communication which should be followed.

Safeguarding and Coroner

Process for practitioners who are asked to act as a witness at an inquest. Note: If an officer receives a request to attend and provide information at an inquest, please see section 5.

Service level enquiries, suspension and/or termination of commissioned services

Protocol for authorising service level safeguarding enquiries, suspension or termination of commissioning of placements or other services in relation to adult safeguarding concerns about commissioned providers. Includes toolkit for the conduct of large scale investigations.

Service user individual feedback form

A questionnaire for service users to provide information regarding their thoughts and opinions regarding their safeguarding process.

Please return the form  to the address to BSAB Safeguarding Adult & Complaints Administrator, Civic Centre, Level 3 Stockwell Place, Bromley BR1 3UH. or email a scanned copy to Safeguarding Adult & Complaints Administrator

Templates for practitioners

Terms of reference for Safeguarding Adults Section 42 enquiries

Requesting an Adult Safeguarding Enquiry under Section 42 of the Care Act 2014

What happens after you report abuse?

This leaflet explains what we will do when you tell us about abuse or neglect of an adult with care and support needs in Bromley. This could be you or someone you know.

Work-related deaths: protocol for liaison and practical guide

It sets out the principles for effective liaison between the parties in relation to work-related deaths in England and Wales, and is available to the public.