COVID Winter Grant Scheme

This is a government initiative, paid through the council, specifically to support households suffering financial hardship as a direct result of the impact of Covid-19.

The government has awarded councils money under the COVID Winter Grant Scheme designed for vulnerable households and families, with or without children, who are particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

This means they are struggling to afford essential food and utility bills throughout the winter period and have no other available support. 

What is the grant for?

Food and utilities – to buy food or help pay household energy and water bills.

Other essentials like warm clothing, soap, sanitary products, blankets or other essential household items

It may not be spent on rent payments, other housing costs or managing debt or general financial hardship. Payments will be made electronically or by e-voucher.

Can I claim this grant?

You may be eligible for support if you are a resident of Bromley and your household finances have been affected by Covid-19. For example, if you have been furloughed and your income has been reduced, or if you have been made redundant, had a cut to your working hours or have had to self-isolate but have been refused a test and trace support payment.

You may also be eligible if you have been identified as experiencing financial exploitation in relation to your place of work, or if you require support due to safeguarding issues such as a serious risk to the health of someone in your household.

Support will be provided to yourself, partner (if applicable) and any children (if applicable) who you receive Child Benefit for.

  • Aged 18 or over, or
  • A parent or carer, or
  • Under 18 years of age and are pregnant or have dependent children or;
  • You require support due to safeguarding issues such as a serious risk to the health of someone in your household or;
  • Under the age of 18 and estranged from parents/ living without parental financial support for example living in supported accommodation.
  • Living in Bromley at the point of requesting assistance 
  • Had an adverse change to their circumstances as a result of Covid-19 
  • Had an unexpected change to their income or have had unexpected outlays which mean they cannot afford the cost of food, fuel or other essential household items 
  • Have no access to other funds – such as savings, help from relatives
  • The council will issue a maximum of two grants per household to eligible applicants during the grant scheme period. Grants are subject to fund availability.

How the scheme works

Referrals can be made by any frontline professionals who support these children, families or vulnerable households who have been contacted with all the details on how to request support.

You may also refer yourself if you feel you meet the scheme’s eligibility criteria, please refer to the winter grant scheme policy.

If you are requesting assistance for food vouchers and your child attends a Bromley school, you should make contact with your child’s school.

If you wish to refer yourself to this scheme, please complete the self-referral application and provide supporting documents.

How long will the scheme be available for?

The final deadline for any applications is midnight 16 April 2021, we cannot accept any applications after this date. All vouchers distributed under the scheme will expire prior to the end of April 2021 and must be used before the expiry date.

How will I know what the council’s decision is?

We will email a notice of our decision to you and your referral partner. It will be the responsibility of the referring party to inform you in writing of what you have applied for if you do not have an email address.

You and your referral partner will receive written notice of the decision. This will explain the decision and how the award will be made, if you have been successful.

How are you managing the risk of fraudulent applications?

We must make sure that all applications are made legitimately.  If you falsely declare your circumstances, provide a false statement or provide false evidence in support of your application, you may have committed an offence under the Fraud Act 2006.  We have a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and financial irregularity. All suspicions of fraud relating to this scheme will be referred to Bromley Police.