Key stage 1 (KS1) courses

Life in ponds (KS1)*

How can you tell if the pond is clean or dirty?


Pupils will learn how to sample the pond for both plants and animals, learn observational skills and through this time reach their own conclusions about the pond's cleanliness. There is opportunity for the close observation of some of the microscopic animals using a video-microscope which magnifies the image 500x its size onto a whiteboard.

Areas covered

  • Setting up the investigation 
  • Simple observational skills
  • Pond sampling techniques (including safety issues) 
  • Collection of pond animals 
  • handling and care of pond animals
  • classroom observation of animals, movement, breathing
  • drawing to aid identification 
  • comparisons between animals 
  • simple groupings based on similarities and differences
  • National Curriculum links

    Early Learning Goals (ELG):
    Knowledge and understanding of the world - find out about and identify some features of living things
    Mathematical development - shape, space and measure

    Attainment Target (AT) 1: 1a
    AT 2: 2b, 2e, 2f, 2g, 4a and b group living things according to observable similarities and differences

    Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) relevance:
    Science units: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C


    This course is available from the Easter break to the October half term. The pond 'rests' during the autumn and winter.
    Minimum of 2 classes required for the half day option

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