Key stage 2 (KS2) courses

What eats what, food chain fun! (KS2)*

A fun course giving pupils a good understanding of food chains.


Through use of the woodland habitats, pupils will investigate the animals that live there in quite a novel way! It will be a gradual process starting with basic research towards a passport that gives entry into the woods and finally through role pay and mask making, transforming into the animals themselves. In this role they will learn animal detecting skills, look for clues and signs about themselves, finally culminating in the production of many simple living woodland food chains.  

Areas covered

  • 'Mr and Mrs' game to introduce woodland animals
  • animal research towards woodland passport
  • chance to look at teeth
  • mask making
  • woodland detection activities - concentrating on food/feeding and habitat
  • introduction to food chains consideration of energy flow
  • National Curriculum links

    Attainment Target (AT) 1: 1a, b, 2a, b, f
    AT 2: 1a, b, c, 2a, e, 5a, b about the different plants and animals found in different habitats, d to use food chains to show feeding relationships in a habitat, e about how nearly all food chains start with a green plant

    Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) relevance:
    Science units: 3A


    Minimum of 2 classes required for the half day option.