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If you wish to place tables, chairs and other furniture on the pavement outside your cafe or restaurant for customer use, you will need a licence.


When considering your licence application, we will inspect the area to make sure that no obstruction or nuisance could be caused to others.  We will then consider your licence application.The fee for the licence varies according to the number of days required per week.

Please note that some shops own the pavement outside their premises and in these instances a licence is not required. However, if the owner of the pavement allows another trader to operate from their premises, or sells goods that differ from those sold in the premises, then a licence will be needed.  In these cases, and for tables and chairs, the licence fee will be given a 25% discount. If you are in doubt about whether you need a licence, please contact us.


Schedule of street trading licence fees

Guidance notes

Apply for a licence


Apply or renew a licence to place tables and chairs on the pavement or road

If you need to change a licence to place tables and chairs on the pavement or road you will need to complete a new application.l  

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