Operating a food business - Frequently asked questions

Can a food handler, handle both food and money?

Staff in food premises must maintain good personal hygiene and prevent the risk of cross contamination from occurring, to cooked and ready to eat foods at all times, whether it is from money, raw foods or outside clothing. Cross contamination is prevented by carefully washing hands between handling potential contaminants and cooked and ready to eat foods.

Other methods of preventing cross contamination include use of a separate staff member to handle money, using separate utensils / tongs / scoops, wrapping materials and changing disposable gloves before touching cooked or ready to eat foods. 

If food handlers use gloves to handle food they should wash their hands before putting gloves on and after taking the gloves off.  Food handlers must not multi task when wearing gloves, for example using the same gloves to take money and also handle food, as this may cause cross contamination. 

The following links will help you to ensure that food handlers have good hand hygiene practices: