Noisy parties

During April through to September the out of hours noise service deal with noisy parties that are causing a nuisance to neighbouring properties. If you are being affected by a noisy party, contact us by telephone and we can take the appropriate action.

What we will do

Where we receive a complaint about a noisy party we will visit the premises being complained about and assess whether the party is causing a nuisance. This will depend upon time, volume and the type of music being played e.g. heavy base level, the numbers of properties affected etc.

If we decide the party is causing a nuisance we will inform the owner/occupier of the premises and request steps be taken to eliminate the nuisance. These include reducing volume of music, closing doors and windows, bringing outdoor parties indoors and agreeing a time for music to be turned off. 

Where our requests are ignored we can take formal action (service of notice) against the owner/occupier requiring immediate action to abate the nuisance. If this notice is ignored the person served with the notice will be prosecuted and can be fined up to £5000. In exceptional circumstances we will also consider seizing noise equipment (in conjunction with the police). 

What you should do

If you are planning a party:

  • Warn your neighbours in advance, perhaps even invite them along
  • Keep the music indoors
  • Keep windows and doors shut where possible
  • Agree a time when the music will stop and try to keep to it
  • Make sure that you 'control' your guests and their behaviour doesn't annoy your neighbours
  • If someone complains, turn the music down
  • Remember we provide an emergency out of hours service for noisy parties. If we receive a complaint about your party you may get a visit from the noise officer.  If they decide it is causing a noise nuisance you will be asked to take steps to eliminate the nuisance.

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