Noisy parties

We operate an 'out of hours' service to deal with noisy parties that are causing a nuisance to neighbouring properties. A dedicated party service operates May to September between 10pm on Saturday night and 4am Sunday morning. At other times of the week during the year, our emergency officer will respond to complaints about noisy parties affecting more than one property. If you are being affected by a noisy party, contact us by telephone and we can take the appropriate action.

What we will do

Where we receive a complaint about a noisy party we will visit the premises being complained about and assess whether the party is causing a nuisance. This will depend upon time, volume and the type of music being played e.g. heavy base level, the numbers of properties affected etc.

If we decide the party is causing a nuisance we will inform the owner/occupier of the premises and request steps be taken to eliminate the nuisance. These include reducing volume of music, closing doors and windows, bringing outdoor parties indoors and agreeing a time for music to be turned off. 

Where our requests are ignored we can take formal action (service of notice) against the owner/occupier requiring immediate action to abate the nuisance. If this notice is ignored the person served with the notice will be prosecuted and can be fined up to £5000. In exceptional circumstances we will also consider seizing noise equipment (in conjunction with the police). 

What you should do

If you are planning a party:

  • Warn your neighbours in advance, perhaps even invite them along
  • Keep the music indoors
  • Keep windows and doors shut where possible
  • Agree a time when the music will stop and try to keep to it
  • Make sure that you 'control' your guests and their behaviour doesn't annoy your neighbours
  • If someone complains, turn the music down
  • Remember we provide an emergency out of hours service for noisy parties. If we receive a complaint about your party you may get a visit from the noise officer.  If they decide it is causing a noise nuisance you will be asked to take steps to eliminate the nuisance.

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