Construction or demolition noise

Construction and demolition noise

Changes have been made to the construction hours including extensions due to the current Covid outbreak, however in order to extend these an application needs to be made to the Local Authority’s Planning Department.

Construction and demolition noise

Construction or demolition activities are inherently noisy. It is impossible to have a completely silent building site, but it is usually possible to reduce the noise to an acceptable level and also ensure noisy work is not undertaken at unreasonable times.

In some cases, the noise caused by the nature and extent of  DIY works or from the types of equipment being used will be sufficiently loud or go on for so long that the hours for noisy works from construction sites should be followed.  This is because the DIY work is effectively a construction activity.  Examples would be where the works are being carried out on a vacant property; involve the use of mechanised plant such as mini-diggers; include inherently noisy activities such as concrete breaking, or involve the use of commercial or industrial equipment. 

What we will do

Where we receive a complaint about construction or demolition noise from a building site we will contact the complainant in order to get details about the nature of the complaint, including type of noise, time work being undertaken etc. If we consider the noise is not reasonable or is being undertaken at an unreasonable time we will visit the site and request steps be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem.

Normally we would not allow noisy work to be undertaken outside the following times:

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday 8am - 1pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays - no noisy operations.

There are exceptions to the above such as emergency works or special circumstances. For example works on railway or station can only be done when trains aren’t running. In these cases we would recommend that a Section 61 Application is made.

Where our requests are ignored we can take formal action (service of notice) against the person or company undertaking the noisy work, requiring action to abate the noise nuisance. If this notice is ignored the person or company served with the notice will be prosecuted and can be fined up to £5000 plus £50 for every day the offence continues.

Further information

The control of pollution and noise from demolition and construction sites - code of practice gives advice to developers and contractors  to make sure they carry out works to reduce the impact of the work to local residents.

If you wish to make a complaint about construction noise outside of the permitted hours, you need to contact the out of hours service.

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