Noise - cockerels crowing

Whilst keeping poultry can be an enjoyable activity, it can cause problems particularly the noise from crowing cockerels.

What you should do

The owner of the cockerel may be genuinely unaware that their animal is causing a disturbance and therefore speaking to your neighbours may be the quickest and most effective means of resolving matters.

If your own attempts at resolving the issue fail and you decide to contact us to intervene on your behalf we will need the address of where the cockerel is kept.

What we will do

We receive an increasing number of complaints about cockerel crowing. We will investigate each report and try and work with both parties to find a solution.  

  • We will ask you to complete log sheets to show how often and for long you are being affected.
  • We may install recording equipment in your property and/or arrange monitoring visits to witness the noise in person to gain further evidence of the problem.
  • If we are satisfied that the noise constitutes a Statutory Nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, an Abatement Notice will be served requiring the owner of the cockerel to stop the disturbance. If the Notice is not complied with, they could face a maximum fine of up to £5000.  

How we investigate noise complaints

More detailed explanation on how your complaint will be investigated  

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