Air quality in Bromley

Draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) 2020-2025

The AQAP has been split into two sections. The first section provides the background for Bromley's actions on air pollution, including general explanations of what air pollution is and the associated health effects.

This section also summarises the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) and the Air Quality Focus Areas (AQFAs), as well as the key pollutants of concern for Bromley. It provides the overall picture for London, and takes a closer look  at pollution in Bromley: where pollution is, where it comes from, and the trends in pollution levels across the borough over time.

The second section of this draft AQAP is the action plan itself; it presents the required themes as required by the GLA. However, whilst the GLA has seven themes, we have condensed these down to five, as the three categories that relate to transport have been grouped together. The five themes are:

  • monitoring,
  • reducing emissions from buildings and new development,
  • reducing emissions from transport (including freight/servicing and fleet), 
  • public health & raising awareness and
  • local solutions.

The GLA within their matrix presented 25 action points under the above theme headings, and we aim to deliver proportionate actions against all points to meet our statutory requirements.

Working in partnership, we have presented additional actions beyond the initial 25 points, and are committed to reduce levels of all pollutants as far as is practicable within the local context. This is an important point to make, as air quality is something we cannot tackle alone.

Pollution travels across borough, national and international boundaries, and many of the factors contributing to pollution in Bromley may be beyond our control (e.g. transboundary pollution). Moreover, the main areas in our borough that experience exceedances are along our busy 'A' roads, the majority of which are the responsibility of TfL.

This being the case, we will continue to work with and lobby regional and central government on policies and issues beyond Bromley’s control, whilst tackling action in those areas within our sphere of influence.

For more information in relation to London’s Local Air Quality Management please see the Mayor of London’s website 

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