Advice about asbestos

If you have any concerns about asbestos or want advice we may be able to assist you and with certain types of enquiry take the appropriate action to resolve the situation.


We give advice on all aspects of asbestos, including:

  • the health risks
  • the types of asbestos found
  • in what materials and products it is found
  • practical advice on dealing with asbestos in your home
  • the laws governing the use and removal of asbestos.
  • asbestos at work (enforcement is by our Health and Safety team or the Health and Safety Executive)
  • asbestos surveys 
  • specific material sampling for asbestos. You can find details of local accredited laboratories who can sample asbestos on the UKAS website

In some situations we are responsible for enforcing the law on asbestos, dependent upon the type of premises where the asbestos is located and the type of operation (e.g. maintenance, refurbishment etc). If we are not responsible for enforcing the law in a particular case (such as construction/demolition) we will advise on who is responsible (Health and Safety Executive etc.) and how to contact them.

Next steps

If you are worried about any aspect of asbestos contact us and we will either give you the advice you require, give you details of who to contact if not us, or in certain cases investigate and take the appropriate formal action, as necessary.

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