Contaminated land

Bromley does not have any heavy industry but there are many smaller businesses, which may have polluted the land. Also, in the past waste was buried in a large number of small landfill sites.

Identifying these sites is important, as the contamination may have spread to neighbouring land, watercourses and underground supplies. We have used old maps, aerial photographs, business directories, planning applications, building control records and other records within the Council and the libraries to aid this process.

Part 2A Public Register

We are required to produce and maintain a public register of any sites within the borough that have been designated as contaminated land, as defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Currently there are no entries on the public register if any entries are made they will be made available on this page.

Our Contaminated Land Strategy, in line with government requirements, outlines the known sites in the borough and potential risk they represent. If you are concerned about the possibility of land being contaminated, contact us. We have details of much of the land in the borough which is contaminated, and we are constantly updating this information from old maps and reports. We can search these records and provide written reports for anyone who has an interest in the land.

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