Contaminated land

Is my land contaminated?

If you are concerned about the possibility of land being contaminated, contact us. We have details of much of the land in the borough which is contaminated, and we are constantly updating this information from old maps and reports. We can search these records and provide written reports for anyone who has an interest in the land.


As banks, building societies and insurance companies become more and more aware of the responsibilities of a land-owner, they are frequently asking for a report which gives details of any known contamination on land. The only real way to confirm the presence of any contamination on the land is to carry out a very expensive soil survey, but the first step is usually to draw on any information which is already known.

We have information which has been drawn from a number of sources and records up to two hundred years old. We can search these records and produce a report which may include:  

  • previous uses of the site (where known)
  • evidence of contamination on the site
  • sources of possible contamination within a certain radius of the site
  • Authorised processes under Schedule B of the Environmental protection Act 1990


There is a charge for producing this report which depends on the complexity of the site history, we will confirm the price and request payment before carrying out any work. 

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