Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice and making representations

How to make a challenge or formal representation

When you contact us about the PCN please include any supporting evidence. Please ensure that you provide the following details:

  • the PCN number, 
  • the vehicle registration and
  • your name and full postal address.

Supporting evidence

When making an appeal, challenge or representation, we will consider the circumstances and any supporting evidence that you can supply. As an example, if there are mitigating circumstances such as a medical emergency, then we would need a letter from the hospital or your GP confirming the emergency. We would not accept an appointment card detailing a routine appointment or examination, as these would not generally be an emergency.

Other mitigating circumstances may include incidences such as vehicle breakdown. in this case the driver would be expected to remove the vehicle within 24 hours and we would require appropriate evidence, such as vehicle recovery documentation.

We can only make decisions based on the evidence presented to us.  If you have documentary evidence which supports your case, such as a photograph, please provide us with a copy.