Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice and making representations

Questions about a PCN issued by post (excluding bus lanes)

Can I pay the PCN and make a representation?

If payment is received before a representation, the case will be closed and we will not consider your representation.  If payment is received after we have written to inform you that your representation has been rejected, you will not have the opportunity to pursue an appeal with an adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.

Can I still pay the reduced charge if I make a representation?

Yes, you can still pay the reduced charge as long as your representation is received within 21 days of the issue date of the PCN.  If we decide to reject your representation, we will serve a Notice of Rejection and you will have the opportunity to pay the reduced charge for a further 21 days from the date of the Notice.  If your representation is received after the period of 21 days from the issue date of the PCN, or we reject it and payment is not received within 21 days from the date of the Notice of Rejection, the full charge will apply.

What happens when we receive a representation?

We will consider any mitigating circumstances, but there are nine grounds for making representations.  We will reply to your representation as soon as possible and then serve you with a Notice informing you of our decision.  If we accept your representation, we will cancel the Notice and you will not have to pay the penalty charge.  If we do not accept it,  you will have a period of 28 days beginning with date of service of the Notice of Rejection in which to either pay the penalty charge or appeal against our decision to the independent adjudicator.  The Notice of Rejection will provide information on how to make an appeal to the adjudicator.

What happens if I make an appeal to the adjudicator?

The adjudicator will consider the case and make a decision based on all the evidence provided.  You will be notified in writing of the adjudicator's decision.  If the adjudicator allows your appeal, you will not have to pay the penalty charge.  Please note that an adjudicator cannot allow an appeal on the basis of mitigating circumstances, but may refer the case back to the authority for further consideration.  Further information can be found on the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA).

What happens if I receive the PCN and do nothing?

If neither full payment nor representations are received within 28 days of the date of the PCN, the charge may increase by 50% and a Charge Certificate may be served seeking payment of the increased charge.