Parking penalty charges

The table below shows the charging bands set by legislation and how they apply in Bromley.  Higher penalties are imposed for parking where it is generally not permitted, e.g. on a yellow line or school 'Keep Clear' marking, or for parking in a resident's' bay, permit holders' bay or disabled bay without displaying the appropriate permit or badge.

Lower penalties are imposed for contraventions such as overstaying time paid for in a pay and display bay, or parking outside bay markings.

The charges are summarised below, and you can view a full list of parking contravention codes.

More serious contraventions Less serious parking contraventions
Band A
(All roads within Bromley Town Centre Controlled  Zone)
£130 £80
Band B
(All roads outside the BromleyTown Centre Controlled Parking Zone).
£110 £60
Bus lane enforcement £130 N/A

Off-street - car parks
(All car parks within LB Bromley are designated as Band B)

£110 £60

Please Note: These charges will be discounted by 50% if paid within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.