Street parking advice

Restricted parking zones

Restricted parking zones are areas where waiting, parking and/or loading restrictions apply but there are no yellow lines or kerb blips.  

There are two areas of the borough with restricted parking zones, these are; Orpington High Street and Bromley North Village.

Boundary signs

These are used to indicate restricted parking zones.  Where there are no times shown on the sign, the restriction applies at all times, for example 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the restriction only applies at specific times/days, these will be shown on the signs.   

When boundary signs state; Except in signed bays, there will be bays within the zone where parking or loading is permitted.  Road markings, or different paving/surface material is used to demarcate the bays.  If they are designated for specific use, for example; pay and display, this will be shown on adjacent signs together with the times of operation and other conditions, for example, maximum stay.  

Drivers should check the signs alongside any bay to ensure parking or loading is permitted and may use the marked out bays for any waiting, parking or loading activity outside the specified times.