Street parking advice

Requesting additional parking spaces

Although there is increasing pressure to provide more on-street parking spaces, we are limited in the action we can take. The road space cannot easily be expanded and grass verges, trees or public spaces cannot be moved to accommodate more parking spaces.  With the exception of disabled bays, on-street bays cannot be allocated to individual properties or vehicles.

In some circumstances, marking out bays may help to manage parking, but may not necessarily increase the number of spaces.  All bays must be a standard size, cannot block access to dropped kerbs and cannot be within 10m of a junction.  If the length of a bay exceeds 15 metres (space for three parked cars), it is not practical to split the bay or mark out individual bays.   With more smaller vehicles on the road now, there is more room for cars to park in long bays that have not been marked out.

If however you believe that marking out the bays would be beneficial in your street, please make a request.

All schemes are subject to public consultation and we would therefore advise you to speak to your neighbours to see if the idea would get significant support before making a request.