Street parking advice

Loading and unloading

Stopping on yellow lines is only permitted for setting down passengers (two minutes are allowed) or for vehicles engaged in the continuous loading and unloading of unwieldy and heavy goods.

Once a Civil Enforcement Officer has observed loading or unloading activity taking place, a maximum of 40 minutes will be allowed for this purpose and the officer will check the vehicle to ensure that the activity is continuous. Loading and unloading does not include shopping or waiting to pick up passengers.

Where there are stripes on the kerb it means that there is a loading ban during the times shown on adjacent white time plates and you should not stop here for any reason at the time shown.

If you have to park on a yellow line to load or unload a large amount of goods which would take longer than 40 minutes then you should apply for a parking dispensation from us. You must get the dispensation before you need to park.